Grant County Family YMCA

123 Sutter Way, Marion, IN 46952
Phone: 765.664.0544


Gym & Swim

The YMCA Homeschool PE program provides an opportunity for local, home-schooled children to come to the Y once a week to participate in social teamwork, character building, and physical activities. Kids will learn about fitness through exercise, group sports, and swimming!

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Adult Aquatic Fitness a healthier you, a happier you

Healthy living is an important part of the Y. Aquatic fitness classes are a great way to exercise, and a great way to become involved in the Y Community. In aquatic fitness, we have created a strong community of supportive and caring peers who work together to encourage and push each other to stay on track and accomplish goals.


Enjoy dance-based exercise in the water while moving to the best music grooves around. Participate at an intensity that works for you!

Saturday: 8:00AM - 9:00AM.

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Trained to save

Lifeguard Certification

At the Y, we see lifeguarding as a valuable life-saving skill and the beginnings of a potential career. We offer beginning lifeguarding courses and make sure we offer certified instructors the most up—to-date information and certifications.

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At the Y, we believe that swimming is a life skill. Because of our reach and long history with aquatic programs, the Y is in a unique position to help bridge the gap in the delivery of swim lessons and water safety education in the United States.

The Y has a long tradition of providing effective, high—quality swim lesson programs that teach people to have fun and be safe around water. Swim lessons meet once per week for 30 minutes.

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Program Session Dates 2022

  • 01 Winter Ⅰ January 2 - February 19
  • 02 Winter ⅠⅠ February 20 - April 9
  • 03 Spring April 10 - May 28
  • 04 Summer Ⅰ June 5 - July 16
  • 05 Summer ⅠⅠ July 17 - August 27
  • 06 Fail Ⅰ September 11 - October 29
  • 07 Fail ⅠⅠ October 30 - December 17